Corporate Responsibility

Palestine Real Estate Investment Company (PRICO) considers itself an integral part of the Palestinian society and the overall development process. Furthermore, the Company believes that it bears a responsibility towards this society. Following PRICO’s pioneering role in the construction of developmental and societal projects, the Company deems the necessity of interpreting the concept of societal responsibility into concepts based on fundamentals, beliefs, strategic notion and route that is studied and that aims, first and foremost, to reinforce the tender processes and transform them to development strategies aimed at developing the human who contributes in developing the society. And this comes into being through following up with the activities that are concerned with studied and rated works and projects that are concerned in developing the society from all perspectives including the material, ethical and cultural according to a general vision by the Administration which is to accomplish for PRICO a major role in the field of developing the concept of societal responsibility and into strategic programs and projects that result in social and economical advantage regarding the Palestinian society. The Company has contributed in many activities that achieve and help in the process of development.

Since its establishment, PRICO has contributed to provide job opportunities for a great sector of either experienced or proficient employees or new graduates of universities, and provide job opportunities for skillful laborers and other sectors of people. PRICO also participated in joint programs with local universities on Days of Operation. It contributed to hold a number of the new graduates based on interaction with local universities on Days of Operation. It contributed to hold a number of the new graduates based on permanent and part-time work-programs as contributions in interaction with local community and capacity development. PRICO adopts a policy of employment based on transparency bases, policy references and its adopted procedures; PRICO also adopts the policy of equality of gender based on equivalent opportunities without discrimination. The number of the company's permanent employees, by 2014 amounted to (77) employees (56 males and 21 females). Worth to mentioned is that there is a higher mutual commitment between the Company on one hand and the employees on the other hand. The Company maintained its technical and administrative teams during long years; and at the same time, the employees continued their commitment towards the Company and their faith to its objectives and programs. PRICO considers its staff and employees an important part of its assets; and this gives a value added to its total assets.

In addition to the development of its financial and administrative systems to be in line with work requirements, and the development of its structure and its seeking to obtain certificates of good quality and world administration, PRICO is desirous to develop its organizational structure and review it from time to time to reach the best grades of productivity and effectiveness of those departments and a higher level of coordination between the departments and the areas. The organizational structure is regularly studied in close relation with the Company’s work-plans and needs associated with the development of its projects and their implementation. PRICO also develops the performance through adopting computerized programs in all its activities.

PRICO deliberately selects the appropriate training courses to develop the skills of the employees; and it is desirous to make the employees benefit from such training courses in their specializations in line with the nature of their works. PRICO works in accordance with adopted policies and procedures in order to evaluate the performance of its employees; it also works in accordance with the policy of remunerations and proficiency of its employees and enhance their belonging to the company .