Corporate Governance

In its seeking to commit itself with the required standards and criteria required for the public shareholding companies in conformity with the regulations of companies governance, PRICO adopted the Guidelines of Policies and Procedures for all its departments in a step to control and organize the relationship between the Board of Directors and the shareholders and the emerging Executive Administration based on transparency and organization of powers.

PRICO formed and operated committees emerging from the Board of Directors to ensure best application of the governance practices; these committees are:

  • Executive Committee and Investment.
  • Internal Audit Committee.
  • Governance and Remunerations Committee.

A trilateral work-plan was prepared for the years 2012-2014 through a strategic integral planning process containing total evaluation for the Company’s status at present.

In addition, annual work-plans were set; and their implementation requirements were specified at administrative and legal levels in order to contribute to complete the implementation and application of the rules of the Companies Governance Code, on one head, and to improve the Company's position and raise its value on the other hand. 

Dr. Atef Kamal AlawnehHead of Committee
Dr. Hani Hasan NajmMember
Mr. Adnan Abdel LattifMember

Mr. Ammar Al-AkerHead of Committee
Mr. Samir HuleilehMember
Dr. Ahmad Abdel HalimMember
Mr. Ziad Al-TurkMember
Eng. Nidal Abu LawiCommittee Rapporteur

Eng. Nabil SarrafHead of Committee
Mr. Ziad Al-TurkMember
Mr. Ayman Abu GhazalaMember