Chairman's Message.

 Eng. Nabil Sarraf

Honorable Messrs/ Members of the Board of Directors

After Regards,

PRICo has been achieving its proclaimed goals, vision and objectives in building Palestine and shaping the region through sustaining its implemented strategy to expand in different locations, invest in several sectors and maintain its continuous internal development at all times.

Real estate investment in Palestine is directly linked to economic growth as well as supply and demand, and capital. However, it is affected by several other variables such as, national security, political situation, and geographical partition. Moreover, variation of laws, policies and regulations fluctuate between the regions of Gaza, Jerusalem, and West Bank. Despite that, PRICo was determined to overcome impediments and proceed in achieving its goals of investing in Palestine, as well as seek new opportunities to expand regionally.

PRICo. Through the gaining of proficient experiences has become the leading company in both the construction industry and in real estate investment in Palestine. This in return empowered it to better serve its shareholders, subsequently by investing in several projects in all parts of the country. Nonetheless, PRICo. is now concentrating on long term real estate investments, land development projects, and industrial zones expansion that will certainly have an observable impact on the feature of the region.

Regardless of all situations, we were always adequate in meeting our obligations. In return, extra credits were achieved by building a highly trusted relationship with Banks, suppliers, and subcontractors, giving us the advantage to strengthen our investment abilities.

PRICo. Is an ideal exemplar in the areas of restructuring and merging with other companies in real estate.  In order to enlarge capital increase and specialty diversification we established many specialized subsidiaries; such as,

  • PRICO Real Estate Development
  • PRICO Contracting
  • PRICO Operating and Maintenance
  • JAIP and PIEDCo for Industrial Zones Development


Our social responsibility has always been at a top of our duties. By maintaining our involvement with the largest class of community we have been able to serve and provide services with accordance to citizens needs.

The trust and support of our Shareholders, along with the joint efforts of Board of Directors, Executive management, and our staff enabled us to successfully excel and outshine in our journey.

Finally, I must show appreciation and all respect to who stood with us and granted us their trust.

With my Best Regards,,,

Eng. Nabil Sarraf      .
Chairman                   .