About PRICo.

Palestine Real-Estate Investment Public Shareholding Limited Company (PRICO) is one of the pioneering companies in the Real-Estate Development and Investment Sector at the country's level due to the financial, technical and human capacities that it possesses. PRICO has been established since 1994 as a shareholding company with a capital of Fifteen (15) Million Jordanian Dinars; and it was listed into Palestine Securities Market on February 24th, 1997, are registered at the Companies Registration Department at the Companies' Registration Department in Gaza under No. (563200827). The Company's capital was raised up to Twenty Two and Half (22.5) Million Jordanian Dinars in 2005. Then, the Company’s capital was raised up to Fifty (50) Million Jordanian Dinars in 2006. After that, the Company’s capital was raised up to Sixty Three Million Seven Hundred Sixty Two Thousand and Four Hundred Eighty Six (63,762,468) Jordanian Dinars. The Company is qualified and classified at the Palestinian Contractors Union and the National Classification Committee in the First Grade in the field of contracting (constructions, building, electro mechanics and infrastructure works). Since its establishment, the Company could implement a number of pioneering project in Palestinian different cities which serve large sectors of the Palestinian community, such as: housing projects, trading compounds, tourist hotels, general and industrial buildings and contracting projects. Technical, financial and administrative staff works with the Company in order to implement the largest projects, within organized work-teams distributed through its offices, and branches and on its under- implementation projects. The Company has offices and branches in Ramallah, Jerusalem, Gaza, Bethlehem and Amman. PRICO is a Company belonging to PADICO Holding Company, and it constitutes its real-estate arm, as it owns 74% of its shares.

The Company's mission is to effectively contribute to the urban development and present the innovative solutions in the field of housing, real-estate commercial and tourist development, operating, managing and maintaining the real-estate assets, implementing contracting and construction projects and infrastructure projects that ensure achieving an appropriate and continuous return for the Company’s shareholders and increase in the value of property rights.

The Company’s vision is that PRICO will be the pioneering company in the real-estate investment field at local and regional levels.

The Company’s values are :

  • Belonging;
  • Shareholders' confidence;
  • Impartiality and transparency;
  • Innovation and quick implementation;
  • Good quality of products and services;
  • The Company’s staff respect their duties;
  • Social responsibility

The most important aims and objectives of the Company are summarized as follows:

  • To achieve the greatest possible return on the capitals;
  • To protect and develop the Company’s capital;
  • To achieve the greatest share in the real-estate Investment Sector;
  • To enhance the competitive position of the Company as it is one of the largest companies working in the real-estate investment field;
  • To expend with experience and contemplation at sectorial and geographical levels;
  • To contribute to build a national economy through enhancing the approach of partnership with the public sector;
  • To enhance the commitment to the governance code of companies in Palestine;
  • To provide job opportunities for the greatest possible number of Palestinian manpower.